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GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0

574GB of paid graphics and design resources

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GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0


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This archive is hosted entirely by third-parties and may no longer be available now, or in the near/far future.
GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0
574GB of paid graphics and design resources


------------ Mr PermaSeed ------------

---- MAGNET ----

GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0

Font - MEGAPACK v1.0


PLEASE CONTRIBUTE to the v2.0 of this pack if you have anything that fits in, you can reach out to me through the Tor
browser, the link is below. Drop a magnet, mega-link or similiar, please reach out if you need help sending me files.
if possible - use the naming scheme i have used in this torrent.
E.g: @{creator}/{name of pack} - {keywords if name of pack is ambigious}/{unzipped files}
Im interested in music production resources, fonts and GFX resources.


Please seed whatever you can!

--- HOW TO USE ---

This entire archive is uncompressed to make it simple to navigate. The downside of that is that any files you open and edit
will not be seeded properly and your torrent-program might stop seeding the torrent in its entirety. If you find a file you
want to use and edit, copy it out of the folder structure so youre not editing the original files.


Searching is easy through the .json files. Smalles one contains name of packages, bigger one is all folders, biggest one
is all files and folders. Just open it and search with CTRL + F or equivalent to your system. If the name of the
artist/resource has several words, consider adding spaces in between the words when searching:
"SunStudio" -> "Sun Studio". I have tried to add keywords
to all ambiguous names. Try also to search for similar terms; font -> (face, typeface), color -> colour


Be carefull opening files. I have not scanned anything with antivirus. There does not seem to be any executable files
here in the directory. Beware of exploits regarding malware injected into Adobe-suite files. Mostly .pdf's have been
targeted in these kinds of exploits but you should be still be vigilant. Viruses do NOT need to be .exe's!
Use this torrent at your own risk and thoroughly vet any files you open.

--- Contents ---

This torrent is mainly comprised of Photoshop/illustrator resources, secondly there are some motion graphics resources and
lastly there are some fonts and sound effects. Consider this torrent more as a dictionary, as big as it is, you might not
find the pack you are looking for from the correct artist, but if you search for the general type of resource in the
"folder-structure.html" you might find an equivalent type of resource from another artist. I have tried to add keyword to
folders with ambigous names, though it might not be very accurate since i dont know much about anything thats in this torrent.

--- v1.0, whats next ---

This is the v1.0 of this file. I hope you want contribute to the project by dropping me links/magnets through the website
mentioned above. I will personally stop seeding the v1.0 when/if the v2.0 is released and i recommend that you maybe check out
the onion link in the future as i will update the blog with a magnet to the potential v2.0. I will also post v2.0 to 4chan.org/t.
There are loads of possible improvements that can be made, not only in terms of the content but especially having a better
naming scheme. I might look into this. Please reach out if you want to contribute.

--- History of this torrent ---

Some anon shared about 300GB of this torrent on 4chan, but it was a complete mess. 5 layers deep compressed folders,
no naming scheme and to top it all off the torrent itself was one giant 300GB .7z file making it basically impossible to seed.
Again, i hope you will contribute if you have anything you can share, please reach out through the .onion link.

--- Good faith ---

Enjoy the resources, please consider buying the resources you use from the artists themselves.

Best regards, stay safe
Mr PermaSeed
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