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"freesamplepacksarchive" (archive.org File List)

another related sample CD archive that was DMCA'd alongside "90ssamplecds"

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"freesamplepacksarchive" (archive.org File List)


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!llmind Blap Kits Special Limited Edition Phantasy Loops.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:14413.9M
!llmind Cocaine Synths Volume 4 Limited Edition Pack.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 09:21423.8M
5000 DRUM HITS.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 04:55225.3M
99Sounds - Dark Engine.7z (View Contents)27-Apr-2020 13:4959.3M
99Sounds - Project Pegasus.7z (View Contents)27-Apr-2020 13:51243.5M
AKAI Alpine Instruments.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 09:07112.2M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-1.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 23:25181.8M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-2.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 23:39202.4M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-3.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 09:44141.9M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-4.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 23:52186.3M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-5.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 09:5183.5M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-6.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 02:56221.0M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-7.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 10:02138.9M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-8.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 00:04178.9M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Ultimate.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 09:0933.1M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 1.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 22:57206.7M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 2.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:16278.0M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 3.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 09:21136.9M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 4.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 23:12207.7M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 5.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 09:2886.5M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 6.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 09:48254.5M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - WorldSounds.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 09:3354.3M
AKAI Samples.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:07144.0M
AKUMA Sampled Breaks.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:072.1M
AMG - Global Trance Mission VOL-2.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 03:18230.2M
AMG 160dB The Drum and Bass Interface.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:20333.4M
AMG Gota Yashiki Groove Activator.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 02:5181.4M
AMG Megabass REMIX! VOL-1 & 2.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:20583.9M
ARP Solina.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:22164.9M
ARTIK - Clean Drum Hits.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:095.1M
Abstrakt Breaks.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 00:06213.5M
Advanced Operator VOL-1.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 04:58373.4M
Advanced Operator VOL-2.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:02400.6M
Advanced Operator VOL-3.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:05326.8M
Afro Tribal Techno and Tech House Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 01:58112.2M
Afterhours Tech House.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 22:43207.8M
Airfix Modelled Sounds.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 01:5810.8M
Alesis Micron SFX.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:08127.7M
All The Breaks.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 00:09444.5M
Alpha Juno 2 - Hoover Multi-Sampled.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:087.0M
Amen Break Collection 1, 2 & 3.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 01:5850.7M
Analogue Drums - Big Mono.7z (View Contents)28-Apr-2020 23:54105.4M
Angelic Vibes - Female Vocals.7z (View Contents)28-Apr-2020 23:5410.0M
Angelic Vibes - Free 808 Samples.7z (View Contents)28-Apr-2020 23:5412.1M
Anime Sound FX.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 01:44293.7M
Apocrypha 1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 01:59129.1M
Apocrypha 2.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:0092.8M
Arc Samples West Coast Avenue.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 09:25428.1M
Arps.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:01106.1M
Async Audio 8Bit Essentials.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:02138.0M
Attack 808.7z (View Contents)28-Apr-2020 23:548.7M
Axiom-Korg - Prophecy Bass Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:098.1M
B808M - Transistor Kicks.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:036.9M
BFractal Music Techno KickDrums.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 02:5592.3M
BFractal Music Techno Perception Vol.2.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 09:51243.2M
BL3R Drops & Breaks Vol. 1.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 23:351.0G
Back In Time Records - Big Bang.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 10:12118.0M
Back In Time Records - Korg Universe VOL-1.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 02:54180.2M
BeatPPL Checkmate Breaks.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 09:50249.0M
Ben Aylon - One Man Tribe.7z (View Contents)10-Jun-2020 07:3225.8M
Ben Aylon - Surprise Box.7z (View Contents)10-Jun-2020 07:3360.4M
Benn And Sarah Polyend Challenge Samples.7z (View Contents)28-Apr-2020 23:5539.4M
Best Service - Advanced Media Trax Building Blocks.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:23140.7M
Best Service - Advanced Mega Effects.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:24126.6M
Best Service - Alpine Volksmusik.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:25112.2M
Best Service - Brass Super Section.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:27295.1M
Best Service - Dance Mega Add On Grooves.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:29276.2M
Best Service - Dance Mega Jungle Rave.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:31248.8M
Best Service - Hyper Dance.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:33275.9M
Best Service - Killer Horns.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:3488.9M
Best Service - Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra FULL.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:471.6G
Best Service - XX Large Most Wanted 2 String Machines.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:50160.2M
Best Service - XX Large Most Wanted.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 07:52278.1M
Best Service - XX Large Pads.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:21330.8M
Best Service Advanced Media Trax Modern Composer.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:23267.4M
Best Service Gigapack 1.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:26418.7M
Best Service Gigapack 2.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:31324.3M
Best Service Horny Club Sounds.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:33255.6M
Big Fish Audio - First Call Vintage Keyboards.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:22343.6M
Big Fish Audio - Synclav FM.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:35270.4M
Big Fish Audio Uncivilised G'rooves.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:17372.3M
Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Present - The Ultimate Happy Hardcore Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 21:56198.4M
Bling-my-zik Loops Collection.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:039.1M
Bluewater Breaks.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1081.5M
Bolder Sounds - Granular.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:25319.4M
Bombstrikes Bass Funk.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 04:13622.8M
Boom Boutique Basic Rhythm 808 Bass.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:0314.4M
Boxed Ear - Sound Collection.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:0323.9M
Boxed Ear Collection 1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:0323.9M
Boxed Ear Samples.7z (View Contents)28-Apr-2020 23:5223.9M
Breakbeat Hardcore Samples.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 02:57234.3M
Breakbeat Paradise Samplekit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 00:191.1G
CARDIO.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:0434.9M
CMP - Analogon.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 03:40228.3M
Cableguys - Nicky Romero Kickstart.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 02:59128.9M
Carma Studio FX Loops VOL-1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:05153.8M
Carma Studio Rhythmic Noise.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 01:46293.1M
Chill Hop The Deepest Cutz.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 04:18546.4M
Classic Breaks (Vinyl).7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:09113.1M
Club-50 - Foundations Roland.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 04:23541.5M
Coldcut's Kleptomania VOL-1.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:02139.2M
Constantine SFX.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1035.3M
Contralogic - NES Samples.7z (View Contents)28-Apr-2020 23:521.7M
Corsair Breaks 19.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1028.4M
Cymatics - 2020 Melody Collection.7z (View Contents)03-Jun-2020 05:58195.6M
Cymatics - Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)03-Jun-2020 06:00228.8M
Cymatics - Eternity Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)06-Jun-2020 14:33623.2M
Cymatics - Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)03-Jun-2020 06:01161.6M
Cymatics - Fantasy.7z (View Contents)14-Jul-2020 00:36193.9M
Cymatics - LIFE Ambient Recordings VOL-1.7z (View Contents)06-Jun-2020 14:28982.6M
Cymatics - Legends.7z (View Contents)21-Aug-2020 07:255.0G
Cymatics - Lo-Fi Toolkit.7z (View Contents)03-Jun-2020 06:03162.0M
Cymatics - Odyssey EDM Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)03-Jun-2020 06:09662.7M
Cymatics - Oracle Melody Collection.7z (View Contents)03-Jun-2020 06:15541.1M
Cymatics - Organic Percussion Samples + Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 21:5648.8M
Cymatics - Python Free MIDI Pack.7z (View Contents)03-Jun-2020 06:159.9K
Cymatics x S1 - Artist Series Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)21-May-2020 03:5253.6M
DJ Luian LATINO GVNG Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:0992.0M
DJ Stormtrooper - Hardcore Construction Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:11183.4M
Dannasko Anime Vocal Samples.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:0915.6M
Dark Web Drum Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:065.1M
Darkroom Techno.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:13334.2M
Decoherance - Synth Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1159.0M
Deep Tech Weapons By Alan de Laniere.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:07140.9M
Defazed - Neurofunk & Techstep Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 21:5847.0M
Desert Evil Stem Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:08112.5M
Dillusion 808 & Korg SUB.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:117.5M
Disko Unkle Free Deep Kicks Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:08791.7K
DnB All-Stars - VIP Series Sample Pack - Computer Music Magazine.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 04:29674.5M
DnB Drum Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:1237.8M
Dr Bonkers Soundlab - In This Together.7z (View Contents)30-Apr-2020 16:188.6M
Drum Depot - Analog Rumble.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:1229.2M
Drum Depot - Brute Drums.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:13106.0M
Drum Depot - Vermona DRM1.7z (View Contents)30-Apr-2020 16:19183.8M
Drum Jockey's 100 DnB Beats.7z (View Contents)30-Apr-2020 16:2057.9M
Drum and Bass Super Sample Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 21:562.2M
Drums In Your FACE!.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:18263.0M
Dubai Kit VOL-2.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 21:5771.4M
Dustyroom Casual Game Sounds – Single Shot SFX.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 03:265.6M
E-Loops 1, 2 and 3.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:16353.1M
E-Trou Mania Drum Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:1621.6M
E-lab Xtortion.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:21401.0M
East West - Global Sounds.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:37250.1M
East West - Quantum Leap Brass (FULL).7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:491.1G
East West - Quantum Leap Horns Sax.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:52311.9M
East West - Symphonic Adventures.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:54247.5M
East West - Tekno Industrial.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 17:56277.2M
EastWest - Smoov Grooves.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 18:03699.9M
EdgeSounds - Drum Mashines VOL-1.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:16193.1M
Ekaj Breaks.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1110.1M
Electronisounds Jungle Explosion.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:18185.9M
Electrophunk One-Shots.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1219.5M
Engineering Samples Intergalactic FX.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:28316.3M
Engineering Samples RED Berliner Untergrund.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:25357.4M
Engineering Samples RED Fundamental Acid Techno.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:20177.9M
Equinox Samples.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1238.3M
Evolving Pads Pack.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 08:04801.1M
Existence.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:26282.7M
FM Bass.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2061.2M
FSTVL Tech House.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:28214.3M
Fete Sample Pack V1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:1778.0M
Fiea Rec Samplebank.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:19274.2M
Field Recording Working Group - Microblocks VOL-1 - A Soundscape Percussion Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 03:2738.1M
Field Recording Working Group - Microblocks VOL-2 - Fuck the Police Ambiance and Percussive Noise.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 03:29297.5M
Field Recording Working Group - Microblocks VOL-3 - May Day Percussion.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 03:2921.6M
Field Recording Working Group - Microblocks VOL-4 - Prisons are for Burning.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 03:2940.6M
Field Recording Working Group - Microblocks VOL-5 - Sanctuary For All.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 03:3042.5M
Field Recording Working Group - Microblocks VOL-6 - Shutting Down Milo Berkeley.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 03:3035.5M
Flipper Basslines.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2032.2M
Freaky Loops - Biomechanical DnB.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 04:36796.7M
Freaky Loops - Dark Heavy Neuro DnB VOL 2.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:29348.4M
Freaky Loops - EDM Snares and Claps.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 21:58131.2M
Freaky Loops - Future Bass Sessions.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 08:551,010.4M
Freaky Loops - Heavy Dubstep.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 04:43786.1M
Freaky Loops - UK Underground & US Garage.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 04:47542.1M
Freon Surfer FZ.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:20658.2K
Freon Surfer.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 03:30673.7K
From The Soul Loop Pack V2.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2196.1M
Funkybot 90 Claps.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:223.3M
Future Music CD1.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 09:31445.3M
Futures Untold - Bass Samples Complete Set.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1215.1M
G-NETIC Live Drums Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:129.5M
GLITCHMACHINES - CYBERNETICS.7z (View Contents)13-May-2020 19:09206.8M
GLITCHMACHINES - EXOPHORA.7z (View Contents)13-May-2020 19:1199.8M
GLITCHMACHINES - PROXIMITY.7z (View Contents)13-May-2020 19:12130.7M
GLITCHMACHINES - SEISM.7z (View Contents)13-May-2020 19:15211.6M
GLITCHMACHINES - SHADOWS.7z (View Contents)13-May-2020 19:32464.2M
GLITCHMACHINES - SPORE.7z (View Contents)13-May-2020 19:38426.9M
GLITCHMACHINES - TERATOMA.7z (View Contents)13-May-2020 19:40195.3M
GS Londonsen TR-909 Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2312.4M
Gabenni Amenassi Amen Pack VOL-1.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:2971.7M
Game Breaks VOL-1-2-3.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:05708.8M
Garritan - GigaHarp.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 10:2092.5M
General Guyble - Free Rawstyle Shots VOL-1.7z (View Contents)29-May-2020 04:2762.6M
GhostHack - Vocal Pack.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 00:5030.2M
Ghosthack - Free Cinematic Sound FX April 2020.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 03:3163.3M
Giga Samples Collection.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 09:38462.7M
Gimme All Your Drums VOL-1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 00:2030.8M
Give the Drummer Some Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2379.2M
Glitchedtones 100 Kick Drums.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:237.5M
Glitchedtones Signal Interference.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 09:46510.0M
GoldBaby Free Samples Collection (23-06-2021).7z (View Contents)23-Jun-2021 09:17724.7M
GoldBaby Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:09402.2M
Goldbaby Tape808 + Tape909.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 10:31122.9M
Gospel Beat Drum Samples VOL-1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:234.7M
GowlerMusic - Abstract Drums.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:2942.3M
GowlerMusic - Electronic Drums.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:3028.4M
GowlerMusic - English Spring.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:34460.5M
GowlerMusic - Free Halloween Sounds.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:3443.8M
GowlerMusic - LM-1 Loops Odd Time.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:3515.9M
GowlerMusic - Movie Dialogue.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:3542.9M
GowlerMusic - Musique Concrète Loops.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:3678.7M
GowlerMusic - Organ Opus-3.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:3782.5M
GowlerMusic - Processed Piano Loops.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:38112.4M
GowlerMusic - Tuned Field Recordings.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:39175.6M
GowlerMusic - Vox Chops.7z (View Contents)02-May-2020 15:4090.4M
Grant Nelson - Sampleshack Studio Samples.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 00:354.8M
Greytsounds - Scott Peers Sound Engineering.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 10:3998.9M
Greytsounds VOL-1.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 09:53237.6M
Hard Techno Loops & Schranz Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2492.9M
Hardcore Stabs.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:243.8M
Hardstyle Loops and Hardcore Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2580.0M
Havok & Disorder Breaks Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1327.2M
He Said - ACID Sounds.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:135.9M
Hex Loops Wobble Boss Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:10108.2M
HighLife Samples - 138bpm Trance.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:26211.3M
HighLife Samples - EDM Drops.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:28145.8M
HighLife Samples - EDM Samples.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:30259.6M
HighLife Samples - EDM Vocals.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:31155.9M
HighLife Samples - House Drum Loops.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:3117.1M
HighLife Samples - Hype Progressive Melodies.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:191.7K
HighLife Samples - Progressive Melodic House.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:191.7K
HighLife Samples - Super Festival EDM.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:20131.8M
HighLife Samples - Total Dance.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:25534.0M
HighLife Samples - Trance Kicks.7z (View Contents)03-May-2020 02:25309.3K
Hip-Hop Electronic.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2541.1M
Hip-Hop Kickin Breaks.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2639.9M
Hollywood Edge - The Big Bad Beatmachine.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 10:4118.8M
Hymov Loops - Trance Kick Samples VOL-1.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 00:351.9M
Hzandbits Rekkerd Special Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:27158.8M
IDMForum - Glitch in the System.7z (View Contents)21-May-2020 16:11247.4M
ILIO - Ethno Techno CD2.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 10:52133.8M
ILIO - Ethno Techno CD4.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 04:24227.9M
ILIO - Propeller Island Legendary M400.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 09:55247.2M
ILIO - Propeller Islands Cathedral Organ.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 04:45211.8M
ILIO - Trance Fusion Sample CD.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:22274.3M
InVision Interactive - Keith Emerson - The Most Dangerous Synth and Organ.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 05:05216.4M
Incidental FX.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2721.0M
Incognet Melodic House & Techno.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 09:55465.2M
Inertia - Virus.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1358.5M
Infinit Essentials Lo-Fi Chill.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:1073.2M
Infinit Essentials NanoTech LoopKit.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:1023.4M
Infinit Essentials SauceVox.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:1015.8M
Innerorder - Remix Competition Samples.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1413.6M
Irrupt Audio - I Like To Moog It.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:33391.8M
JP-8080 Super Saw.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:141.5M
Jack Antonoff - Samples and Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:14405.1M
Jackie FX Bank.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2848.7M
Jason Mythos PSIence.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2854.7M
Juesswork - Laidback Breaks.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:12142.7M
Jungle Jungle Samplepack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 00:25259.9M
Junglist Survival Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:15241.1M
Justin Burton - One Shot Bra.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:148.1M
KB6 Drum Samples Archive (Aug 2019).7z (View Contents)21-Aug-2020 07:502.7G
Kaeru Cafe - Treasure In Japan Ambient.7z (View Contents)26-Jul-2021 14:51266.5M
Karma House-Kit.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:152.1M
Keith Emerson - C3 Invasion.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 05:26216.4M
Kenny Beats - Valentine 808 Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2813.2M
Killer7 Sound Effects.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 00:31329.1M
Kits Kreme KingBNJMNs SSV1.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 09:57239.5M
Korg Z1 - Sweet String Pad.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1513.4M
Kyle Beats - Optics Drum Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2923.6M
LEGOWELT Sample Kits.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 00:501.1G
LSB Fills.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1511.2M
Lahalla - Rekkerd Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:2933.7M
Larry Seyer - Upright Acoustic Bass.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:30187.9M
Londonsen Moore TR-808 Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:296.8M
Loopmasters - Thick Sounds.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:05125.7M
Loopmasters Future Bass Generation.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 04:56716.4M
Loopmasters Old School House.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:37408.3M
Loops De La Creme - Free 80s Snares.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:053.9M
Manifest Audio Flux Archiv 002.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 05:46213.4M
Masterbits - TR-Minator.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 10:5312.0M
Masterbits - Total Zone.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 01:48303.5M
Masterbits - Vintage Voltage.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 01:50292.6M
Masterbits CLIMAX 6 - Rapsody (Vocals II).7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 01:53293.4M
Masterbits CLIMAX 7 - Bass.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 10:5643.3M
Matias Cerviño - HANG Free Sound Effects Library.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:0513.9M
Mellotron Archive CD.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:30322.5M
Mike Pinder - Mellotron.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:33322.5M
Mind Flux Rekkerd Techno.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:41396.6M
Mini Synths 1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:351.6M
Miscellaneous Samples 001.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:0517.8M
ModArchive Kiarchive.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:15459.4M
ModArchive Waveworld Samples.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:27945.5M
Monster Sounds - Sy & Unknown Essential Hardcore.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 05:00531.5M
Monster Sounds Label Sampler 3.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:4745.4M
Moog Rogue Bass Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:4735.5M
Music Machines Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:4713.7M
Music Production - Designing Audio Logos.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:32194.3M
Music Store Sound Service - Einstein.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 11:0270.3M
MusicRadar - Mistabishi DnB Samples.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:07125.0M
MyOSS Dirty Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:471.2M
NSA Custom Series Drumkit Multi-Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:4938.0M
Nanopolarity - Complete.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:08150.0M
Naruto Sound Effects.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:287.9M
Newgrounds - HQ Orchestral SF2 Samples!.7z (View Contents)26-Jul-2021 20:401.5G
NexxoussOne Breaks Pack - 1989 One 'OClock Jazz Lab.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1639.5M
Nezquik - Vocal Samples VOL-1.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:087.1M
NiceBeats (NiceBytes) - Studioline 09 - Synth Leads.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 00:44161.9M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-1.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 01:56294.6M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-10.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:34282.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-11.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:37272.4M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-13.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:05303.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-14.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 09:59257.3M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-15.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:39313.8M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-16.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:07288.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-17.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:39262.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-18.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:43282.8M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-2.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:37306.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-20.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:42324.9M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-21.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 06:07226.0M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-22.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:01247.6M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-23.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 00:33201.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-24.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 06:30219.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-25.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:09292.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-26.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:47272.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-27.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:12289.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-28.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 11:1667.8M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-29.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 11:1933.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-3.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 11:1191.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-30.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:21285.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-31.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:49268.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-32.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 06:54234.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-33.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:44303.7M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-4.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:25279.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-5.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:28280.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-6.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:31274.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-7.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 01:58295.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-8.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:00289.9M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-9.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:02295.1M
Nick Mira Bakesale Loop Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:49163.6M
Norman Cook - Skip to My Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:1993.4M
Northstar - Drumscapes Roland.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:52268.9M
Northstar - New Gold VOL-1.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 11:2797.7M
Northstar - New Gold VOL-2.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 11:35101.5M
NueroHopForum Sample Pack 1.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 22:121.3G
NueroHopForum Sample Pack 2.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 22:342.3G
OMI - Universe of Sounds.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 11:46129.0M
Occult Samples - Corona Drum Kit.7z (View Contents)29-May-2020 04:272.2M
Occult Samples - Drugs Drum Kit.7z (View Contents)29-May-2020 04:339.3M
OneShot Killbot.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:4938.3M
Online Forever - Andes.7z (View Contents)27-Jul-2020 20:2729.3M
Online Forever - Classic.7z (View Contents)08-Jul-2020 19:2925.6M
Online Forever - Ethereal.7z (View Contents)08-Jul-2020 19:2748.3M
Online Forever - Guitarra.7z (View Contents)08-Jul-2020 19:3488.6M
Online Forever - Level Up.7z (View Contents)08-Jul-2020 19:29131.9M
Online Forever - Mood Swings.7z (View Contents)08-Jul-2020 19:32242.7M
Online Forever - Nebula.7z (View Contents)27-Jul-2020 20:30297.4M
Online Forever - Punk AF.7z (View Contents)08-Jul-2020 19:31207.9M
Online Forever - Vibes.7z (View Contents)08-Jul-2020 19:3344.1M
Optigan - The Official Orchestron.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:54266.6M
Orange Free Sounds - Bass Loops.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:0942.3M
Orange Free Sounds - Cricket Sounds.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:1092.2M
Orange Free Sounds - Drum Breaks Collection.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:109.6M
Original Breakbeat Pack 1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:5017.7M
Outro Vinyl Cuts Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:5840.0M
PCR Loops & Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 05:5977.0M
Padded Cell Granulab.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:47319.3M
Padded Cell Rebirth - Rhythmic 1.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:02237.5M
Padded Cell Rebirth - Rhythmic 2.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:04257.2M
Pete Cannon Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)24-Jul-2020 20:0233.4M
Phat Drumloops Samples.7z (View Contents)07-Jun-2020 07:1959.9M
Philharmonia Orchestra Samples.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:12248.8M
Planet Samples - The Sound of Tomorrowland Electro Edition.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:13112.2M
Popular Breaks.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:3214.5M
Preview.png27-Apr-2020 13:38208.9K
Preview_thumb.jpg27-Apr-2020 13:482.3K
Prism House Samples Collection.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:00163.3M
ProducerSpot - Trap Drums.7z (View Contents)27-Apr-2020 13:3821.3M
ProducerSpot - Vinyl Drums.7z (View Contents)27-Apr-2020 13:3916.0M
Purple Codeine Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:0114.6M
Q Up Arts - Denny Jaeger Private Collection.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 00:57183.7M
Q Up Arts - Dream Experience.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:24290.7M
R-Beats Volume 1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:0379.9M
R3kl355 - CYMS Cymbals.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1789.9M
RAVE BREAKS N BASS 1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:03168.3M
RAVE BREAKS N BASS 2.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:55236.0M
RESEARCHLABS - Substance Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:183.0M
Radio Jingles Sound FX.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:3310.8M
Random Jungle Breaks.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 00:316.8M
Random Jungle FX.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:282.6M
Random Kicks Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:188.6M
Rare Breaks (Vinyl).7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:2827.8M
Rare SEGA Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:018.2M
Rarefaction - Poke in The Ear With A Sharp Stick.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:57274.6M
Rave Planet - Rave Hits & Stabs.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:147.8M
Reggae Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1864.4M
Rekkard Bluezone Corporation Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:06285.8M
Rekkerd 2007-07 Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:069.9M
Rekkerd Ace Animated.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:0745.8M
Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:072.5M
Rekkerd DNB Competition - Producer Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:0871.9M
Rekkerd Ekit Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:087.6M
Rekkerd Free Demo Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:11342.0M
Rekkerd Free Loops Collection.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:22306.8M
Rekkerd Function Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:15340.1M
Rekkerd Loops - CS-01.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:1530.9M
Rekkerd Loops - CS-02.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:1770.0M
Rekkerd Mixed Bag 1 & 2.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:18143.1M
Rekkerd Music Production Contest (2010 - 2013).7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:22209.9M
Rekkerd No-Kick Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:222.3M
Rekkerd Noizefield Expectations Instruments.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:227.0M
Rekkerd One Sequence.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:2322.7M
Rekkerd Sample Remix Contest (2008 - 2013).7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:25156.2M
Rekkerd Sample Remix Contest Transportation 2015.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:2666.3M
Rekkerd Sound Recordings 1 and 2.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:2636.9M
Rekkerd mr9999 Brick Game.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:181.4M
Renard Queenston Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:28135.5M
Renoise - 200 Breakbeat Instruments.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:24179.7M
Repitch for Rekkerd.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:2812.1M
Repko Sacred Drum Kit.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:287.7M
Retrowave Cassette Tape Samples.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:2943.7M
Rhythm Lab - The Ultimate Amen Breaks Pack.7z (View Contents)07-Jun-2020 07:181.1G
Rhythm Lab - Wavestation Pack.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 11:5157.4M
Rhythm Lab The Ultimate Amen Breaks Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 00:421.1G
Riemann Audio Kollektion 1 - Techhouse Beats ft. Florian Meindl.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:2593.7M
Riemann Industrial Techno 2.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:44372.9M
Riemann Tripping Techno 1.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 10:01430.2M
RockOne - Chop & Mangle.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:186.6M
Roland JV 2080.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 12:59279.1M
Roland L-CD701.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:49305.9M
Roland L-CD702.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 09:38952.1M
Roland L-CDC-01.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 12:09113.6M
Roland L-CDX-01.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 01:20175.5M
Roland L-CDX-02.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 05:05537.0M
Roland L-CDX-03 Disk 1.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 09:48236.2M
Roland L-CDX-03 Disk 2.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:47350.7M
Roland LCD1 [iso+nrg].7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 12:00113.0M
Roland LCDP01 Drums and Cymbals.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 12:1792.5M
Roland LCDP02 Guitar and Bass.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 12:2483.1M
Roland LCDP03 Orchestral Perc.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 12:33103.6M
Roland LCDP04 Orchestral Winds.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 12:43126.5M
Roland LCDP05 Solo Strings.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 12:53120.2M
Roland LCDP06 Brass Sections.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 07:14212.4M
Roland LCDP07 Super Sax.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 13:02111.2M
Roland LCDP08 Symphony Orchestra.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 13:12119.1M
Roland LCDP09 Keys of the 60s and 70s 1.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 01:08157.0M
Roland LCDP10 Keys of the 60s and 70s 2.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 10:15516.3M
Roland LCDP11 Africa VOL-1.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 13:23130.5M
Roland LCDP12 Solo Brass.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 16:59130.9M
Roland LCDP13 String Sections.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:26290.7M
Roland LCDP14 Africa VOL-2.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:02118.3M
Roland Legendary & AIRA Series 2019.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 09:45853.0M
Roland MKS-7.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:297.2M
Sacrificial Loops.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:58287.8M
Sample Modern - Keys For EDM.7z (View Contents)27-Apr-2020 13:40142.4M
Sample Science - Synthetic Vortices.7z (View Contents)19-May-2020 22:29139.0M
Sample Science - WolfPack.7z (View Contents)19-May-2020 22:2953.3M
Sample Science WolfPack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:3051.8M
SampleRadar - Random Dubstep Sounds.7z (View Contents)06-May-2020 15:16230.8M
SampleScience - Analog Waveforms Audio Samples.7z (View Contents)06-May-2020 15:17183.7M
SampleScience - Original Breakbeat Pack VOL-1.7z (View Contents)06-May-2020 15:1717.7M
Sampleheads - Dave Samuels Marimba and Vibes.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 01:31158.7M
Samplephonics - Hand-Picked Freebies.7z (View Contents)04-May-2020 23:16230.2M
Samples From Mars - 101 Drums From Mars.7z (View Contents)10-Jun-2020 07:3311.2M
Samples From Mars - Free 808 From Mars.7z (View Contents)10-Jun-2020 07:3414.7M
Samples From Mars - Free MPC60 From Mars.7z (View Contents)10-Jun-2020 07:346.0M
Samples From Mars - Grooves From Mars.7z (View Contents)10-Jun-2020 07:34933.4K
Samples From Mars - MPC2000 Snacks From Mars.7z (View Contents)10-Jun-2020 07:3528.6M
Seaweed Factory - Sample Packs.7z (View Contents)06-May-2020 15:341.9G
Sharked Future Bass.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:3186.1M
Simon Servida Capital Drum Kit.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 04:00133.7M
Skeleton Samples Melodic Tech House.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:06247.8M
Slap Experts - The Stoic VOL-1.7z (View Contents)10-Jun-2020 07:42589.8M
Soli-Music - World of Synthesizers VOL-1.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 01:43169.7M
Sonoro Samples.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1932.7M
Soulja Boy Sound Kit.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:283.8M
Soundpack by S-X.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 04:0112.3M
Sounds FX Only Analog House.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:33174.4M
Sounds Good - Methods of Mayhem.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:08238.0M
Sounds Good - Roots Reggae.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:05111.8M
Spectrasonic Distorted Reality 1.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:53334.1M
Spectrasonic Distorted Reality 2.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 10:24502.7M
Spectrasonics - Vocal Planet (FULL - PACKED).7z (View Contents)21-Aug-2020 00:212.3G
Splice Sounds - Fabian Mazur Rave Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:21233.6M
StayOnBeat - Trap Drum Loops.7z (View Contents)05-May-2020 23:466.5M
Sub Bass 1 and 2.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:3541.4M
Sweeps and Wooshes Sound Effects.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:2673.1M
Synclavier Sampler Library - KEYS AND GUITARS.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:10254.2M
Synthworx - Access Virus B.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:28300.7M
Synthworx - Korg MS-2000.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:09132.8M
TR-808 & TR-909 Samples.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:234.7M
TR-909 Tape.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:231.7M
Takeaway Breaks Full.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:13143.2M
Takeaway Breaks.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:23143.2M
Talk of The Beats VOL-1.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:27127.9M
Tech House Grit Samples.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 10:34214.9M
Techno Sub Bass Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:37145.0M
The Motion Monkey - Retro Arcade SoundPack.7z (View Contents)05-May-2020 23:4632.8M
The Pro Audio Files - Ground Your Sound.7z (View Contents)05-May-2020 23:47111.7M
Thunderdome Ultimate Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:39798.9M
TooDeep Global Hits.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 10:50226.6M
TooDeep Pop Star Sound Kit.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:55303.9M
Total Control - Action Cutz.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:13246.9M
Touhou Soundfonts.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:38153.1M
Trashy Techno Drums.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:3815.6M
Triple D Samplepack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:2330.3M
Tripping Techno 2.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 05:10682.5M
True Crime 2 - New York City SFX.zip (View Contents)12-Feb-2021 17:3826.3M
Twisted Sound Effects.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 00:45291.1M
Ueberschall - Jam Box.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:15252.1M
Ueberschall Houseworx.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 02:31298.5M
Undergrego Processed DnB Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:246.1M
Underground Progressive Sample Pack.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:3994.3M
Undisputed Music - 90s Boom Bap.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 04:0158.4M
Univers Sons - Basicussions.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 01:54164.7M
Univers Sons - Jazzistic CD 1 & 2.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 10:30508.1M
Univers Sons - Kitch 70s.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 11:03218.8M
Univers Sons - Raricussions.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 02:09211.5M
Urban Shakedown Complete.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:282.7M
Urbandawn Drum and Bass Vol 10.7z (View Contents)21-Aug-2020 00:351.5G
VEXST Amen Breaks.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:2810.3M
Valentine Kuznetsov Special Sounds.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:396.3M
Vengeance Essential Clubsounds 1.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:50362.8M
Video Game Sample Pack - YG Sounds.7z (View Contents)09-Aug-2020 21:3942.0M
Vinyl Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:408.5M
Virus DP4.7z (View Contents)05-May-2020 23:4825.8M
Voice Crystal - Steve Reid Definitive Percussion.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:16114.1M
W. A. Production - Electro Game Loops.7z (View Contents)05-May-2020 23:50292.8M
Wake Michael - Vinyl Breaks + Hits Pack.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:27388.6M
Wave Alchemy - MS-20 Mini Drums.7z (View Contents)05-May-2020 23:5023.2M
WaxTerK's Percussion Loops.7z (View Contents)05-May-2020 23:5138.8M
Wizoo - Platinum 24 Electronic.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:20115.6M
Wizoo - Powered DX.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 05:58306.5M
Wizoo - Powered Nord.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:2286.1M
Wizoo - Powered Wave.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:55377.2M
Wurlitzer EP200.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:2212.1M
X-Samples VOL-1.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:36106.1M
X-Static Goldmine - CD1.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 02:49203.1M
X-Static Goldmine - CD2.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 12:03237.1M
X-Static Goldmine 1.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 19:40228.6M
X-Static Goldmine 2.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 19:56120.2M
X-Static Goldmine 3.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 20:05124.1M
X-Static Goldmine 4.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 21:09350.8M
X-Static Goldmine 5.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 21:38243.2M
Xclusive-Audio - Trap Movement Drum Kit.7z (View Contents)05-May-2020 23:5141.6M
Xsample VOL-2.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 02:23210.1M
Xsample VOL-3.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 11:21224.4M
Xsample VOL-4.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:26128.5M
Xsample VOL-5.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:2886.2M
Xsample VOL-6.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 13:02268.1M
Xsample VOL-7.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 02:35180.1M
Xsample VOL-8.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:32135.3M
Xsample VOL-9.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 11:41218.4M
Yamaha CS15 Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 06:4031.1M
Zenhiser Oldskool Hardcore Stabs & Synth Hits.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:2712.8M
Zero-G - Ambient 1+2.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 06:01314.0M
Zero-G - Chemical Beats CD1.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 21:50218.5M
Zero-G - Chemical Beats CD2.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 21:57160.6M
Zero-G - Malice In Wonderland.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 06:03314.6M
Zero-G - Man Machine.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 12:18218.8M
Zero-G - Phantom Horns.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 03:01173.4M
Zero-G - Pure Tabla.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 03:11144.5M
Zero-G Ambiosis.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 22:18276.3M
Zero-G Analog To Digital 1 & 2.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 10:34461.7M
Zero-G Brutal Beats.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 10:39486.4M
Zero-G Classic Disco.7z (View Contents)21-Aug-2020 00:441.1G
Zero-G Club Techno.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 07:59350.2M
Zero-G Dance Vocals.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 04:02103.0M
Zero-G Datafile 1, 2 and 3.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:32612.9M
Zero-G Deep House.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 22:36273.1M
Zero-G Downbeat Dance Grooves.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:17258.1M
Zero-G Dream Zone.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 04:04148.8M
Zero-G Escape From The Planet of The Breaks.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 09:54847.7M
Zero-G Freak Beats.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 06:06347.1M
Zero-G Funk Bass.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 17:40115.5M
Zero-G Ghost In The Machine.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 11:01442.5M
Zero-G Global SFX.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 04:07128.8M
Zero-G Grinding Beats.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 22:3961.8M
Zero-G Hardcore.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 22:4141.5M
Zero-G House Fabrik Drumloops.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:19237.4M
Zero-G Interface Dance.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 08:01381.9M
Zero-G Jungle Frenzy 1 & 2.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 22:35281.9M
Zero-G Jungle Warfare (Complete).7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 23:33896.3M
Zero-G Jungle Warfare Complete.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 10:03896.3M
Zero-G Junk Percussion.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 23:49364.8M
Zero-G Kocktail Kollection.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 10:13996.2M
Zero-G Koncept & Funktion.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 10:22893.0M
Zero-G Monster Beats.7z (View Contents)20-Aug-2020 05:17725.1M
Zero-G Planet of The Breaks.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 11:05473.2M
Zero-G Seismic Frequencies.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 00:08396.2M
Zero-G Skinned.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 00:26385.7M
Zero-G Smoke.7z (View Contents)13-Aug-2020 00:2848.9M
Zero-G Sound Sense Grime Scene.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:21248.7M
Zero-G Total Drum Bass.7z (View Contents)19-Aug-2020 08:05386.1M
Zero-G Trance Inducer.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 03:36194.4M
Zero-G Velvet Vocal.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 03:50210.8M
Zero-G Vindaloops.7z (View Contents)18-Aug-2020 10:24244.7M
Zero-G Vocal XTC.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 04:08152.1M
Zero-G iFX Matinee.7z (View Contents)12-Aug-2020 22:54248.5M
Zero-G iFX Midget Gems.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 03:22154.0M
__ia_thumb.jpg26-Jul-2021 21:234.8K
alvis0 - Sounds.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:0939.6M
darkskies - Live Samples.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:101.8M
e-Lab Smokers Delight.7z (View Contents)15-Aug-2020 04:03227.0M
e-Lab XTc Files Of Techno.7z (View Contents)14-Aug-2020 00:19206.7M
e-Lab XTc Files of House.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:1750.5M
freesamplepacksarchive_archive.torrent30-Apr-2020 16:2141.9K
freesamplepacksarchive_files.xml26-Jul-2021 21:23175.5K
freesamplepacksarchive_meta.sqlite26-Jul-2021 20:43762.0K
freesamplepacksarchive_meta.xml12-Feb-2021 17:381.3K
freesamplepacksarchive_reviews.xml24-Oct-2020 06:011.4K
junglebreaks.co.uk.7z (View Contents)11-Aug-2020 03:2910.4M
luthatron Single Hits.7z (View Contents)21-Jun-2021 05:1661.9M
midierror FM Synths.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:34511.0M
midierror OP-A Loops.7z (View Contents)10-Aug-2020 02:3562.8M
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Re: "freesamplepacksarchive" (archive.org File List)


Post by awaeowo »

While trying to organize my files, I found that I had saved the first magnet of this item, and when placing it in Deluge I discovered that it has some seeders, but no more than a couple, so its slow as molases trying to download it :|


Internet Archive has the problem that it doesn't usually update its torrent tracker after many updates, so unfortunately there are not many files there, but maybe it will be useful to someone UwU
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Re: "freesamplepacksarchive" (archive.org File List)


Post by Or4ANGEpm »

Surprised to see this here, thought not many knew of it. It was basically abandoned, at some point I got bored of updating it and started using it as sort of a backup for my 90s Sample CD archive... but I got bored again and stopped updating it lol (It wasn't a good idea anyway as it got flagged alongside my other Item).

Honestly not worth bringing this back, lots of stuff that can be found elsewhere on Google right now. I believe there were also a couple of Sample Packs I bought from somewhere that I put in there, but I can't remember correctly.
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Re: "freesamplepacksarchive" (archive.org File List)


Post by ninturez0 »

Or4ANGEpm wrote: August 2nd, 2021, 3:25 pm Surprised to see this here, thought not many knew of it. It was basically abandoned, at some point I got bored of updating it and started using it as sort of a backup for my 90s Sample CD archive... but I got bored again and stopped updating it lol (It wasn't a good idea anyway as it got flagged alongside my other Item).

Honestly not worth bringing this back, lots of stuff that can be found elsewhere on Google right now. I believe there were also a couple of Sample Packs I bought from somewhere that I put in there, but I can't remember correctly.
do you still have the files? theres some stuff in here that was also in 90ssamplecds, but i cant immediately tell if they are packs that i already have uploaded
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Re: "freesamplepacksarchive" (archive.org File List)


Post by Or4ANGEpm »

ninturez0 wrote: August 2nd, 2021, 4:12 pm do you still have the files? theres some stuff in here that was also in 90ssamplecds, but i cant immediately tell if they are packs that i already have uploaded
Unfortunately no, currently don't have the space to store extra stuff myself. All of those were just random files I found on Google (If memory serves me right, most were from Rekkerd). I thought that Item would be something manageable to update frequently but I was wrong. Got bored of it and wanted to delete it. Got overshadowed hard by the 90's Sample CD one that at some point I totally forgot it even existed.
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