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Yotsuba Society Archives (~20GB of old 4chan threads from 2003 to 2013)

A selection of notable 4chan threads, before the age of fuuka archive sites

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Yotsuba Society Archives (~20GB of old 4chan threads from 2003 to 2013)


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Yotsuba Society Archives

This archive is viewable directly in your browser at https://nnty.fun/downloads/other/yotsuba_society_4chan/!
Open any HTML file to read the corresponding thread. :D

The following .rar consists of every thread collected from 4chan from my personal archives which were intergrated into the (Yotsuba Society Archives from the Start in 2011) from 2008 to August 2013. Some of these files predate the fuuka archivers that currently exist today to archive almost every thread of every board with the exception of /b/ for obvious reasons.

From 2011 to August 2013 the Yotsuba Society Archives existed to preserve threads from 4chan and every other imageboard in the English chanverse, plus some threads from the Russian and Japanese chanverse. At it's peak, the Archives were the most visited part of the Yotsuba Society website, and the most popular part of the site were the direct downloads of the moot video archive. And the actual video most visted was the 2005 4chan AnimeUSA panel. It was not the Otakon 2005 4chan panel (which was third), or the ROFLCon - Internet Cult Leaders Part 1 video (which was second).

One of the files that recivied the most visits were the /b/ thread number 195977777 where "If this post ends in 7, Doubles Guy is no longer a meme." The thread occured during the February 9–10, 2010 North American blizzard (also known as Snoverkill), a time where Patrick Bateman from the classic "American Psycho" was known as Doubles Guy.

(Good times...)

Sadly due to Dreamhost's policy against archives for any reason, we were basically told to take down the archives or we will take down your account. The actual reason why the archives were found out before the taken down by Dreamhost staff is an internal matter for various reasons because there are forces out there that want me out of the chanverse.

A few people suggested me that I wrap the entire 4chan archive into a .rar and torrent it. For a whole month I considered it and I figured out that it was the only long term solution to the problem. Besides, Jason Scott did had 10 million old 4chan threads saved and he wanted to release them to the public until he changed his mind and put it into a vault in safekeeping after making multiple copies of the archive.

I talked to him about the files during MAGFest 10 (2012), he told me to email me about them. Which I did: two to three emails, which he did not replied in . So I contacted him through his #archiveteam irc room. As soon as I introduced myself he summarily banned me from the chatroom. It was clear that he had in interest in sending me the files. (That's one reason why I don't be persistant, some people tend to be annoyed by tactics)

I may not have 10 million threads, but I got a selection of many pieces of history the internet has ever known: About 25,000 of them, About 20GB of History, all packed into a approx 3GB .rar package.

Best Regards,
Founder and Webmaster of The Society for the Study and Preservation of Yotsuba Channel (Yotsuba Society)
Ndee "Jkid" Okeh ([email protected])
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