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17 gigabyte script kiddie folder

become a real hacker instantly today

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17 gigabyte script kiddie folder


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Don't run any executables or scripts in this folder unless you know what you are doing. Use at your own risk.
For legal reasons I must tell you that these files are made available for research purposes only. Most of the shit in here is super old anyway, and assuming this isn't all just malware, the exploits likely don't work anymore.

17 gigabyte script kiddie folder
become a real hacker instantly today


It's a random MEGA folder that some kid linked to on /t/.



I don't know if it's all one big pile of malware made to bait script kiddies, or if its a folder full of outdated exploits and scripts that don't work anymore, but either way, its a good look at a very strange part of the Internet.

I'm no malware researcher, but a lot of this software seems to contain executables with very recent modification dates in 2021, with dependencies and other files that are sometimes decades older than that. That doesn't look good to me. I would treat every file in here with caution.

DOWNLOAD (mirror)<-- when the first one gets taken down I'll do it
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