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[ONGOING/WIP] Telegram Anti-Vaccine/Conspiracy Archive

Come and bear witness to the sheer scale of the most significant disinformation campaign in modern history.

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[ONGOING/WIP] Telegram Anti-Vaccine/Conspiracy Archive


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Welcome to hell.

If I put my usual content warnings here, it would just include all of them.

I do not condone the use of alternative medicine, psuedo-scientific treatments and diagnoses, or the illegal sale of prescription drugs.
I am not a supporter of the anti-vaccine movement, Qanon, or any other fringe ideologies.

No one is immune to propaganda.
Telegram Anti-Vaccine/Conspiracy Archive
Come and bear witness to the sheer scale of the most significant disinformation campaign in modern history.


This project was inspired by SchwurbelArchiv.

schwur·beln (verb) [ugs.] [pej.] 1. to talk gibberish

But why?
For fun and glory. Also:

To show the incomprehensible amount of false information that is delivered to subscribers of these channels, minute by minute
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To highlight the mental damage that these channels cause to their subscribers
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To attempt to understand how disinformation ropes people in and spreads like a cancer
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To call attention to the dangerous procedures people are willing to carry out on themselves when they are coerced into believing that it is safe and healthy
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To empathize with the stress, paranoia, and fear that one must feel when they are convinced that they are being oppressed, and having that feeling validated just a bit more with each post
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To show the advocacy of violence and fetishisation of civil war and political insurrection by the administrators and other participants in these communities
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To make sure that future generations may have an opportunity to understand the workings of modern disinformation campaigns
To encourage deradicalization and rehabilitation for those who are sucked in, instead of alienation and atomization from the rest of society
To never let anyone forget about the families and relationships torn apart by propaganda

And, most importantly, to preserve history.
Even if the news is fake, people still believe it. That makes it historically significant.

What's the setup/how can I do this too?
A fuckton of virtual machines with multiple instances of the portable version of Telegram Desktop, Mullvad VPN, the Internet Archive command line tool, dozens of Telegram accounts (courtesy of TextVerified) and an extremely pissed off ISP that let me have an unmetered gigabit line for 13 dollars a month, for some reason.

Telegram's chat export is shit. Unbelievably shit. If the process is interrupted once, you have to start the export again, from whatever date the last message exported was on. Congratulations, now you have two separate folders for the same goddamn channel.

Also, if you try to export multiple channels or chats at once with the same account, it will cancel the others. If you use two accounts on the same instance of Telegram, that doesn't matter and will also cancel the export you have running if you start another one.

I thought I found a way around this by using virtual machines, VPNs, and separate installations of Telegram would work. But do you want to know what has fucking happened to me twice now? I don't know what kind of fucking black magic shit this bullshit is, but I have had every single fucking instance of telegram "crash" at once. All at the same time, on all the virtual machines, all fucking dead for no reason. I came back home one day to find just blank desktops with incompleted chat exports. Fucking bullshit.

Where's the data?
On the Internet Archive, all in one collection What the fuck? Turns out you literally have to send an e-mail begging the IA admins to make a collection for you. I'll sort that out later.

Anyway, yeah. Internet Archive. The problem is that this is still an ongoing project, and I suspect that many of these channel admins, especially the ones more prone to advocating violence and turning a blind eye to fedposting, will quickly make their channels private or invite only or whatever the fuck, if they learn about this. Private groups are the fucking kryptonite of this project, especially the ones that have power-tripping admins who purity test new members to make sure they are "a real patriot" or some bullshit like that. I'm going to be cautious with what I upload for now.

I will place a link here after I whine to the Internet Archive to make a collection for this project.

I'm expecting this project to have a size of potentially dozens of terabytes. Seriously, there is too much of this shit out there.

stay tuned, bitches ;3

You are not immune to propaganda. No one is.
If you think you are, you've already lost.


Why won't you do what must be done?
why won't you do what must be done?

Re: [ONGOING/WIP] Telegram Anti-Vaccine/Conspiracy Archive


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I don't have anything to add but I just stumbled across this website and post. This is really useful information and a good read. Looking forward to any updates.

Re: [ONGOING/WIP] Telegram Anti-Vaccine/Conspiracy Archive


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I don't have anything to add but I just stumbled across this website and post. This is very gay and a bad post that reads like a VICE article written by a blue checkmark with a hbomberguy fetish. Not looking forward to any updates.
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