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>just make your own website lol

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bitdl.ir servers

Terabytes upon terabytes of files from some Iranian pirate site

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bitdl.ir servers


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bitdl.ir servers
Terabytes upon terabytes of files from some Iranian pirate site


its entirely possible that this is a giant pile of malware so be careful
passwords for most zips are "bitdownload.ir", "www.bitdownload.ir", or similar

http://s1.bitdl.ir/Software/self explanatory
http://s2.bitdl.ir/mathematics and computer courses, E-books, engineering and CAD software
http://s3.bitdl.ir/photoshop resources, assorted e-learning materials
http://s4.bitdl.ir/403 Forbidden
http://s4.bitdownload.ir/Game/PC.Game/self explanatory
http://s5.bitdl.ir/movies, TV, documentaries, sports, and some assorted music and wallpapers
http://s6.bitdl.ir/blank page
http://s7.bitdl.ir/403 Forbidden
http://s8.bitdl.ir/movies, TV, documentaries
http://s9.bitdl.ir/assorted photoshop resources, MASSIVE software folder for windows, mac and android
http://s10.bitdl.ir/leaked courses from udemy, lynda, pluralsight, coursera and others
http://s11.bitdl.ir/mobile games and PC game repacks
http://s12.bitdl.ir/PC game repacks
http://s13.bitdl.ir/absolutely absurd amount of e-learning, courses, books etc
http://s14.bitdl.ir/movies, TV, documentaries
http://s15.bitdl.ir/server unresponsive
http://s16.bitdl.ir/DNS error
http://s17.bitdl.ir/server unresponsive
http://s18.bitdl.ir/server unresponsive
http://s19.bitdl.ir/403 Forbidden (IP ban)
http://s20.bitdl.ir/server not found
http://s21.bitdl.ir/A-B/PS4 SCENE
http://s22.bitdl.ir/PS4 SCENE
http://s23.bitdl.ir/PS4 SCENE
http://s24.bitdl.ir/PS4 SCENE and e-learning
http://s25.bitdl.ir/PS4 SCENE
http://s26.bitdl.ir/PS4 SCENE
http://s27.bitdl.ir/403 Forbidden (IP ban)
http://s28.bitdl.ir/e-learning video courses
http://s29.bitdl.ir/server not found
http://s30.bitdl.ir/403 Forbidden (IP ban)
http://s31.bitdl.ir/PC game repacks
http://s32.bitdl.ir/server not found
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