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⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ ブーーーーーン!!!! (2005, Windows)

キタ━━ヽ( `・ω・)人( ^ω^)人( ゚Д゚)人(´∀`)人(・∀・ )人(゚∀゚ )人(^Д^ )ノ━━!!

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⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ ブーーーーーン!!!! (2005, Windows)


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⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ ブーーーーーン!!!!
キタ━━ヽ( `・ω・)人( ^ω^)人( ゚Д゚)人(´∀`)人(・∀・ )人(゚∀゚ )人(^Д^ )ノ━━!!

//   Boooooon!!!!
// Copyright(C) 2005 NISHISAITAMA PROJECT all rights reserved.

- System requirements

Windows XP / 2000 / ME ( require Japanese edition ), AMD Athlon 1GHz,
Fully DirectX8.0 compliant 3D accelerator( VRAM64MB ),
SoundCard, Gamepad and 256MB RAM.

- How to play

This game is operated with the keyboard or gamepad(joystick).

movement [8][2][4][6] or Arrow key / stick
shot [z] / Trigger [1]
bomb [x] / Trigger [2]
pause [ESC]
return to title [F9]
game to exit [F4]

- rule

Avoid the enemy shot!!
Kill the enemy!!
When you are using BOMB( [x]key or Trigger[2] ),
you have no collision damage and get full power mode.

This game is only it, and this is a usual shooting game.

- ranking

You can participate in the ranking by using "ranking.exe".
However, it is necessary to register the name beforehand.
You open "Config.ini" with the note pad etc, and


Please rewrite this.

ranking.exe is written by Japanese but it is easy to use
this software. Please run and push the button on the side


Q.Isn't there English version of this game?
A.I'm sorry. This game is only a Japanese version. Please prepare
a Japanese font when playing in other languages.

Q.Your English language skill is poor.

This game is freesoft ware.
Please contact me with the E-mail or following BBS if you
have any comments.

- [email protected]
- http://phys.sakura.ne.jp/mini/test/read.cgi/main/1115566631/

If possible, please write it in BBS.


     [email protected]


⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ ブーーーーーン!!!! is a 2chan bullet hell shooter from 2005.

Despite the whole meme thing it has going for it, the game is actually well put together. It has a legit scoring system and stages and bosses are fairly well designed. You can even submit scores to an online leaderboard!

Nightmare mode is the highest difficulty of the game. You unlock it by 1cc'ing the normal mode of the game.

Scoring consists of chaining and collecting items from bullet cancels. Chaining works like chaining in Dodonpachi, except that you can refresh the chain by simply hitting an enemy with shot. You can milk for more Hits by tapping shot and doing less damage. Bullets within the explosion of enemies get cancelled into items.

The game lets you change the position of the hitbox. Originally the hitbox was at the )part of( ^ω^)⊃ but that made no sense and was awful so I changed it to the ω part.
Some of the aimed stuff in this game is a little weird, like they aim a pixel below your hitbox. This has nothing to do with the changed hitbox though, since it does that even with the default positioning.

3 billion is probably possible with optimization and not breaking the chain on Marisa and the last normal moai.
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