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I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3 v1.50 + EZ MOD + PRACTICE MOD

have you ever wanted to play more than the first 5 screens of this game?

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I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3 v1.50 + EZ MOD + PRACTICE MOD


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I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3 v1.50 + EZ MOD + PRACTICE MOD

This game is a derivative (secondary creation) fan game of I Wanna Be the Guy.
This game was created to commemorate the number of IWBTG fangame clears reached 1000 by Kamilia, who is active on Afreeca, Twitch, and Nico Nico.

This game contains some of the IWBTG fan games played by Kamilia.
The difficulty is very high compared to the previous work , so please challenge only those who are confident in their skills.

Stages, bosses, and barrage are all top-notch. Clearing this game will mean that you have world-class skills.
It's not impossible to clear, so please do your best!

As some maps and bosses appear in the fan games included, we do not recommend playing to those who do not want spoilers for each game.


Some key settings can be changed in option mode.
If you make a mistake while setting the key in Options, remove the Config file in the folder to restore the default key setting.

Shift: jump, double jump
Arrow keys: Move up/down/left/right
Z: attack
R: restart
S: Skip/Save (Use Skip in some boss fights/Save in some stages)
P: Pause (not available in Boss Room)
F2: return to title
F4 : Full screen toggle ON/OFF
F5: Go to the portal room (can be used only after acquiring the item)
F8: Auto-fire ON/OFF (available only after acquiring an item)
F9: Take a screenshot (pictures are saved in the game folder)
ESC: end game
Mouse: Used in Startup and Options mode

Other information

This software is copyrighted by the general author Influcca.
The original additional bosses made by other developers, as well as the material and music of other games included in this game, belong to their respective creators.

The game defaults to Windows process priority set to high.

This game has a system in place to prevent the use of Hourglass and transfer of save data.
It is not possible to move your save data to another computer and play it. When formatting the PC or changing the device, be careful with the handling of the save data.

This game contains hidden items and bosses. After clearing the game, you can challenge the extra stage by clearing hidden elements.
Since it was created with a symbolic meaning, the challenge is not recommended.
In the case of hidden items, you can acquire items even when you play for the first time, but some hidden bosses can be challenged after clearing the last boss.

Broadcasting and uploading videos are free.
However, in the case of videos, especially when making thumbnails, please be considerate of those who do not want spoilers.


Practice mod introduces shortcuts to every notable area in the game as well as various other cheats. This mod was exceptionally hard to find, and now I cannot find it on the internet anymore, so here it is.

EZ mod is simply a nerfed, less difficult version of the game while retaining the existing layouts.

Practice MOD readme:

Tab = Place kid on mouse
G = Godmode
H = Speed Mode
F = Flying Mode
Numpad+ = Next Screen
Numpad- = Previous Screen
Ctrl+S = Save
Ctrl+1 = Secret 1
Ctrl+2 = Secret 2
Ctrl+3 = Secret 3
Ctrl+4 = Secret 4
Ctrl+5 = Secret 5
Shift+1 = Secret Boss 1
Shift+2 = Secret Boss 2
Shift+3 = Secret Boss 3
Shift+4 = Secret Boss 4
Shift+5 = Secret Boss 5
Alt+1 = Stage 1
Alt+2 = Stage 2
Alt+3 = Stage 3
Alt+4 = Stage 4
Alt+5 = Stage 5
Alt+M = M Stage
Alt+E = Extra
Backspace = Teleport to Portal Room
You can save in bosses!
Numpad1-9 = Select savestate
X = Save state
C = Load State
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