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25GB+ of footage from the 2020 George Floyd/BLM riots and protests

Witness the spiciest moments of one of 2020's defining events. some of these videos are hard to find in their original form now.

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25GB+ of footage from the 2020 George Floyd/BLM riots and protests


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The following page may contain material that may be offensive or disturbing to some individuals. Any views, opinions or ideologies expressed by the material are not reflective of the views, opinions or ideologies of comfy box or its administration.
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The following page contains extremely graphic and/or violent content that is not safe for viewing at work or by any user under the age of 18. This content is hosted for the purposes of preservation, documentation, and archival of significant events. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.
The 2020 riot/protest collection
The following set of files contains a mirror of the archive at fukkot.com/riots/ as well as numerous videos from twitter, youtube, 4chan, and others. I won't be including the "Race & Crime Statistics" folder from one of these archives, since there seems to be more information in there about the sizes of the human skull by race, as well as "Jewish Privilege in Universities" and "Differences in Children of Same-Sex Parents". Many of these videos are particularly hard to find now, especially on mainstream social media sites and video hosting platforms. Looking for footage of these events, you will likely exclusively encounter inferior coverage from mainstream media outlets. Some of the filenames of these videos are quite obviously invoking a certain kind of agenda, however I am not going to be editing something as trivial as filenames. If anything, it is a kind of social preservation, regarding the reactions to these events.

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