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(2006) LSD Riders - Take It and Love It

"This video is acid dementia at it's best."

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(2006) LSD Riders - Take It and Love It


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(2006) LSD Riders - Take It and Love It
"This video is acid dementia at It's best. Non-stop stunts, BMX tricks, a ton of self-inflicted pain, and a dash of violence. The LSD Riders take it hard in this film, and you'll love every second of it."


LSD Riders - Take It and Love It is a "homegrown stunt" film released by Indecline Films in 2006, the same collective behind the Bumfights series of videos. The DVD is advertised at the end of Bumfights 4: Return of the Ruckus. Apparently, this video is extremely hard to find now. The only existing copy I could find of this video was on a sketchy Russian video hosting service. There is torrents that exist of a DVD rip in .iso format but there is no seeders, so this is what we get for now.

Much like Bumfights this video contains a lot of stupid and insane behaviour from young adolescent men, except this time, with a shit ton of BMX clips mixed in between. Also, these fuckers do a lot of drugs.

Directed by
Dave Krienke

Release date
November 10, 2005 (United States)

Country of origin

United States


Filming locations
Randolph, New Jersey, USA

Samir Amin ... Self
Ryan Bailey ... Self
Marc Burrows ... Self
Jeff Cort ... Self
Mike Diebold ... Self
Chris Granados ... Self
Tom Korasadowicz ... Self
Andrew Krienke ... Self
Dave Krienke ... Self
Mike Vasilik ... Self

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