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Dayton HyperNova youtube archive

Witness the atomization and destruction of an average family by the modern state of American political media and discourse.

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Dayton HyperNova youtube archive


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Dayton HyperNova youtube archive

Dayton HyperNova is a Youtube channel which documents in excruciating detail, the effects of modern American political discourse on relationships within a family. This is what media companies like CNN and Fox news want every American family to look like. I believe that these videos offer a look behind a door that is very often closed; a look into the true effects that are caused by social media and political discourse in the age of the Internet.

This Youtube channel, and the person behind it, became mildly notorious when it was featured on a right-wing podcast "Revenge Of The Cis" hosted by Royce Lopez and Mike "Mersh" Schiele on April 29, 2019, as well as being shown on DeadwingDork's Youtube channel shortly after, on May 14, 2019.

The earliest uploads to the Dayton HyperNova consist of recordings of local indie band concerts at different venues in Dayton, Ohio, with various color and zoom effects applied to them. I have only briefly skimmed through these uploads however I assume many of these indie bands are politically aligned with leftist and feminist ideologies. Normal indie punk rock shit.

Later on, these uploads are mixed in with recordings showing the effects of severe psoriasis which the owner of this channel, Cade Dorian Paradoxa (given/dead name: Earl Shultz) suffers from. Psoriasis is a skin disease that is characterized by skin cells growing and dying too quickly, resulting in painful rashes and "scales" of dead skin forming on the surface of body parts. The exact causes of psoriasis are unknown but an individuals genetics and immune system are believed to be main factors in the development of psoriasis. This disease is known to be made worse by stress and alcohol use, among others. I am no dermatologist, but I would probably consider this person's case of psoriasis to be severe. Entire patches of skin are entirely peeled off, and one video shows the owner of this channel sweeping up a massive amount of dead skin off the floor of a room.

Eventually, the uploads to this channel rapidly switch from shitty live indie band recordings to secret recordings of domestic incidents between family members. This shift in content happened on November 26, 2015. The early recordings of these domestic abuse incidents consist of incoherent screaming. Little to no context can be inferred from these videos, however one will notice the shaky hands which are holding the camera, and the awkward, anxious feeling that is associated with being present in a domestic incident which you have no involvement in. Many of these videos are recorded at the top of the stairs in their house, while the rest of the family is in the ground floor of the house.

These uploads also feature secret recordings of their older brother, Sherman, drunkenly shouting at the television over various important subjects such as NFL football games, Fox news reports, and Donald Trump's inauguration. I can't help but notice the timing at which this shift in content occurs, coinciding with the 2016 American presidential election.

An upload on November 14, 2016 (6 days after the 2016 presidential election), features indecipherable discussion between Sherman and an unnamed "younger brother" on topics such as police militarization and brutality, the (new?) Black Panther Party, and gun violence in Chicago. This discussion escalates to shouting to the point where all participants are actually running out of breath, and the father of these children foreshadows with the phrase "This is what happens when you get into politics." Cade interrupts this discussion with personal attacks towards Sherman, which sets off an argument that can only be accurately described simply by providing the video that was recorded by Cade of this incident.

In case it seems unclear from the video, it can be safely assumed that both Cade and Sherman are adult children that live off of the charity of their parents. I do not use these words lightly. These motherfuckers are fighting over their laundry, and arbitrary measurements of value regarding the work that they do around their (parent's) house. Cade and Sherman's political views are anything but aligned, and this conflict is to the detriment of the mental health of the surrounding members of this family. I believe that both of them are likely to abuse alcohol, and likely to be caught in self-affirming political echo chambers. It should also be noted that Cade Paradoxa is a transgender woman, and trans women seem to be the greatest trigger of conservative anger.

Because much of the coverage of this individual and their family seems to have a bias against trans women and their mental health I feel like this is an appropriate point to state that I only find Cade's gender identity to be notable due to the conflicts that this introduces with the rest of the family. I'm not here to point fingers and laugh at trans people for being trans.

The rest of the uploads after this first notable incident consist of secret recordings of politically tense discussions between Sherman and the parents, as well as politically tense discussions between Sherman and the television. These uploads stay consistent until July 5, 2017, when a video is uploaded with the title "INSANE. BULLSHIT. BROTHER SHOUTING AT ME IN RESTAURANT"

This video starts off with the shakiest hands to ever hold a camera, and the tail end of a political discussion between Sherman and his mother in a restaurant, while the father sits with his head in one hand, his face redder than a cherry, and his tired expression which tells you that he knows what happens any time politics is brought up among members of this family. The father's eyes wander over to the lens of Cade's smartphone camera, with an empty gaze. Cade pans the camera around to show the faces of her family members before pointing the camera at her arms to showcase the effects of psoriasis on the skin. As the family leaves the restaurant, Cade says to them: "The whole lot of you are in a lot of deep shit."

Unfortunately, Cade could not have been more correct.

There is absolutely no reliable sources when it comes to the truthfulness of any accusations of physical abuse in these videos, however I can't imagine that it is outside the realm of possibility for the members of this family, particularly Cade and Sherman, to engage in severe physical confilct with each other. Why do I believe this?

There is not much else to say. These videos are a glimpse into the deepest layers of hell. Nobody in this situation is innocent, and this whole family is in need of help. Watching this shit is mentally exhausting. I don't even know how any mental health professional would begin to attempt to reconcile the relationships in this family.

why won't you do what must be done?

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