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"PLANDEMIC CAN En" / COVID-19 conspiracy DVD

A retarded DVD distributed in Canada by conspiraboomers via the means of leaving it on mailboxes and cars

will the coronavirus vaccines turn adolescent men into femboys

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"PLANDEMIC CAN En" / COVID-19 conspiracy DVD


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take the vaccine retard
i do not condone the spread of misinformation nor do i condone the use of alternative or psuedoscientific medical treatments
We are two fucking years into this shit, going into year 3. Nearly 4.7 million people are dead. 1 in 500 Americans are dead. Poorer countries are begging and pleading for a vaccine that is available for free in nearly all western nations. There are extremely minor risks of blood clots and heart related problems such as myocarditis and pericarditis in adolescent men who are vaccinated with mRNA vaccines. Every single fucking time this disease strikes a family of unvaccinated people, the survivors all regret not getting vaccinated, and are subsequently accused of being shills or false flag actors. Every time. Wearing a fucking mask doesn't trap carbon dioxide, you fucktard. Do you know how tiny that shit is? How much fucking money has been wasted on countless studies and hours of research into proving that masks work due to this fucking worldwide psy-op disinfo bullshit?

These faggots were protesting outside of hospitals all over Canada, even the hospitals in the irrelevant little fuckhole that I live in. They were blocking ER entrances and ambulances. The motherfuckers working at the hospitals could not get out and go home for up to several hours at a time, but of course the police just couldn't do anything about it for unknown reasons. They seemed fine at destroying the property and ripping the masks off of logging protesters at Fairy Creek though. I see bullshit propaganda posters shitted up with links to Telegram channels posted all over signs and poles and shit all over this dump of a "city" and these motherfuckers are showing no respect to the unfortunate wagies like myself that have to tell their dumbfuckasses to put a piece of paper on their slimy ass face.

Hopefully, when or if this pandemic ever ends, maybe the remains of civilized society can analyze the materials used and produced by the operators of this insane global disinformation campaign and the people who have fallen victim to its propaganda, in an attempt to understand just what the fuck exactly went wrong here.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
"PLANDEMIC CAN En" / COVID-19 conspiracy DVD


In the spring months of 2021 many Facebook posts were made by people in my city and the surrounding areas about DVDs and USB drives being left in mailboxes and on the windshields of peoples cars. These DVDs, distributed by the "Canadian Resistance Coalition" (lol), contained a nice little sheet of paper telling you all about how COVID-19 only kills fat and disabled people, how Bill Gates and his billionaire friends own every single major news media corporation worldwide, and how using masks to inhibit the spread of COVID-19 is like "using a chain-link fence to stop mosquitoes".
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For some background information, my local area has a large presence of anti-vaccine individuals, and numerous protests have occurred throughout the past two years, sometimes drawing dozens, sometimes drawing up to a thousand. These protests have taken place at hospitals, malls, parks, and health authority offices. I do not know if these files were distributed across Canada, but I can say that a fuckton of these DVDs and USB drives were being found in my area. It is possible that the contents of these DVDs varied, as some images were posted of envelopes that were green, with different text printed on them.

I really wanted to get my hands on one of these fucking things, because the normies on facebook were too fucking scared to put them in their computers because THER MIGHT BE A VIRUS ON THE IT !!!!!!!! DONT OPEN ITS DANGEROUSE!!1!!1!1!11

One day, when I was walking home from work, I came across a row of cars that all had DVD envelopes on them, all with the same text. "The Preliminary Results Of The COVID-19 Vaccines Are In; It May Not Be What You Want To Hear!" I don't think the owner of that Tesla Model X cared too much that I swiped it off of their windshield. The disc is a STAPLES brand average DVD-R with a cute little checkmark scribbled on it in permanent marker. It is scratched to shit all over for no reason.

Of course, the DVD did not have malware on it. However, does contain a few PDF documents, and over 21 fucking hours of video content. Most, if not all of the videos have been transcoded to a shit resolution with a shit bitrate. That, or whoever archived these videos from the websites they were hosted on picked the lowest quality video streams. This is puzzling, given that DVDs store 4.7GB of data, the total filesize is about 3.52GB. Funny that, priding yourself on doing your own research on a pandemic while being unable to use Google to learn how to download videos from social media websites and transcode or remux them properly.

why won't you do what must be done?

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