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{SCDC-00451~2} killer7 original sound track (2005) [FLAC]

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{SCDC-00451~2} killer7 original sound track (2005) [FLAC]


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killer7 original sound track

Disc 1:
Setting SunMasafumi Takada0101:23
A Fierce Good FightMasafumi Takada0201:47
BlackburnMasafumi Takada0304:15
Where Angels PlayMasafumi Takada0402:33
Shoot SpeedMasafumi Takada0501:22
SuccessionMasafumi Takada0601:50
Election PlotMasafumi Takada0704:59
American DiplomacyMasafumi Takada0802:38
Russian RouletteMasafumi Takada0903:54
GeopoliticsMasafumi Takada1001:05
Department of DefenceMasafumi Takada1101:12
Back to the LightJun Fukuda1201:53
Vote FalsificationMasafumi Takada1300:53
3rd FoundationMasafumi Takada1401:24
StonedMasafumi Takada1502:48
LoveMasafumi Takada1601:20
When the May Rain ComesMasafumi Takada1702:26
Resound of SilenceMasafumi Takada1802:28
PostgasseMasafumi Takada1903:13
(`曲´)Masafumi Takada2002:23
SlopedMasafumi Takada2100:58
NestMasafumi Takada2201:57
Island EdgeMasafumi Takada2303:29
BetrayalMasafumi Takada2401:10
Errand BoyMasafumi Takada2500:29
Oh My JuliaJun Fukuda2601:19
Sweet Blue FlagMasafumi Takada2703:41
Angel's DespairMasafumi Takada2800:44
ReunionMasafumi Takada2900:13
Disc 2:
Rave OnMasafumi Takada0104:29
Visionary CommunityMasafumi Takada0202:08
Emigrant SongMasafumi Takada0302:00
Sweet ReliefMasafumi Takada0403:09
Over LookMasafumi Takada0501:05
CuisineMasafumi Takada0601:43
ScenemanMasafumi Takada0702:11
Multiple PersonalityMasafumi Takada0803:19
ResidenceMasafumi Takada0902:09
WindmillMasafumi Takada1001:47
MazeMasafumi Takada1102:56
Tecks MecksJun Fukuda1202:29
CorridorJun Fukuda1303:51
Santo DomingoJun Fukuda1402:06
White SugarMasafumi Takada1504:19
MargaritaJun Fukuda1603:27
TaxidermyMasafumi Takada1701:00
Original PersonalityMasafumi Takada1801:01
OuthouseMasafumi Takada1900:56
Elegant PetalMasafumi Takada2003:24
Electronical ParadeMasafumi Takada2102:52
Hero WorshipMasafumi Takada2200:53
Heroic DeedsMasafumi Takada2302:15
Heroic VerseMasafumi Takada2400:32
At PartingMasafumi Takada2500:51
ReloadedMasafumi Takada2601:42
Fatal BondsMasafumi Takada2701:24
Ministry of EducationMasafumi Takada2802:06
Soul on IceMasafumi Takada2902:50
Host PersonalityMasafumi Takada3001:46
Dissociative IdentityMasafumi Takada3103:13
ReenactMasafumi Takada3201:26
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