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Sadboy Sheldon - Discography (MP3)

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Sadboy Sheldon - Discography (MP3)


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Sadboy Sheldon - Discography
edgy lol haha funny random internet music xd funny funny funny

Sadboy Sheldon was an early, repudiated alias of Sewerslvt active in 2017. The edgy themes of these works would end up netting her some negative attention on social media and she has since disavowed these tracks. All albums here are in MP3 320kbps.

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Jenny Wakeman and the Infinite Autism
Hotline SpikesSadboy Sheldon0104:30
Straya CuntSadboy Sheldon0204:22
Eh You Eh You Eh (Sheldon Edit)Sadboy Sheldon0305:23
Real RamenSadboy Sheldon0402:21
Mighty Takyon ForceSadboy Sheldon0501:20
RIP Club Penguin (but seriously i got banned from that piece of shit site like 4 fucking times)Sadboy Sheldon0604:38
Hidden DethSadboy Sheldon0708:22
RES0N8NCESadboy Sheldon0803:34
Silicon PitSadboy Sheldon0904:11
We Are Number One, But It's Sung Over The Instrumental of Take On Me & With Death Grips & PsySadboy Sheldon1004:08
OwOSadboy Sheldon1101:09
Raining MemesSadboy Sheldon1202:58
Penn JillummSadboy Sheldon1305:33
Broken HoudiniSadboy Sheldon1504:57
Blackkk Skkkin HouseSadboy Sheldon1601:24
Shooting PhotographsSadboy Sheldon1703:54
Post Malone Is a Good Guy Go Give Him a Like & Subscribe to El SmoshSadboy Sheldon1804:08
Smasthony MouthtanoSadboy Sheldon1901:09
KaleidostarSadboy Sheldon2004:02
Fun Things Are FunSadboy Sheldon2104:10
Robot PussySadboy Sheldon2201:48
Rock MusicSadboy Sheldon2304:20
AQUAGORESadboy Sheldon2402:37
Scream Skelly PieSadboy Sheldon2500:45
Levan Looka MeSadboy Sheldon2601:37
Bloody MouthSadboy Sheldon2704:24
The Suffering of YuukoSadboy Sheldon2803:53
Cabinet MouthSadboy Sheldon2904:29
Fellow MemingSadboy Sheldon3005:19

My Beautiful Dark Teenage Robot
My Beautiful Dark Teenage RobotSadboy Sheldon104:16
Sad HalationSadboy Sheldon205:53
Feel God.incSadboy Sheldon303:40
Ghildish CambinoSadboy Sheldon403:46
Guilty WarfareSadboy Sheldon504:15
My VA-11, My HALL-ASadboy Sheldon602:15
Smol Nozomi's Hihg Quality SmolventureSadboy Sheldon705:08
Not In StyleSadboy Sheldon803:46
Resonance FreestyleSadboy Sheldon903:04
Would You Ever FallSadboy Sheldon1005:42

Sadboy Sheldon's Attempt At Pisscore: the AlbumSadboy Sheldon101:45
Beach GuillotineSadboy Sheldon202:53
Rules of SunshineSadboy Sheldon304:10
What's the Deal With Flying Cans?Sadboy Sheldon402:20
Interlude: "Interlude: Elevator Going Up" Is a Postmodernist MasterpieceSadboy Sheldon500:30
44,000's Shitty Unoriginal Contemporary, Sadboy SheldonSadboy Sheldon601:49
SwitchSadboy Sheldon702:27
I Will Destroy MLP & That Nigga Jemboy TooSadboy Sheldon803:55
Congrat Ü lations (REALLY FUNNY PUN)Sadboy Sheldon903:55
XD9Sadboy Sheldon1000:54
Gainax You Fucking Nips Make Season 2 AlreadySadboy Sheldon1203:31
Bubble Tea Is Gay, Taiwan Is Still China, Fuck YouSadboy Sheldon1303:33
Do Ü RememberSadboy Sheldon1403:44
Interlude: More Of These Useless Interludes To Increase the Run TimeSadboy Sheldon1500:53
Madeon Ripping Off Justice Ripping Off Daft Punk Ripping Off the Communist ManifestoSadboy Sheldon1603:20
Snails Is Just Skrillex For People Who Think "Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites" Are For 12 Year OldsSadboy Sheldon1702:02
*mumbles in atlantian* (let's face it, rappers from atlanta were a mistake)Sadboy Sheldon1804:07
9 Thousand MilesSadboy Sheldon1905:41
Take Me AwaySadboy Sheldon2005:00
Pegged By The Pegboard NerdsSadboy Sheldon2104:36
I Don't Fucking Know AnymoreSadboy Sheldon2202:05
"Russians? In My Synthpop?" It's More Likely Than You ThinkSadboy Sheldon2302:33
Interlude: The Actual Good Part of the Album & Not Some Witty Pisscore BullshitSadboy Sheldon2403:57
SpikerSadboy Sheldon2503:40
OutroSadboy Sheldon2600:57

No Hotline Deep Miami (Death Grips X Hotline Miami)
Escape From the Bottomless PitSadboy Sheldon106:44
Beware the VoyagerSadboy Sheldon203:30
Divide StocktonSadboy Sheldon304:16
I Want HollywoodSadboy Sheldon403:06
Lord of the DustSadboy Sheldon504:24
Culture AerobicsSadboy Sheldon603:48
No Roller MobsterSadboy Sheldon703:35
MC Ride ThemeSadboy Sheldon803:40
Warping PervSadboy Sheldon904:16
Eh EndingSadboy Sheldon1003:20
Hotline Spikes (Anniversary Mix)Sadboy Sheldon1104:05

The ''Blatant Missuse Of Jemboy's Instumentals'' Album
Captian TakyoliciousJemboy Sheldon104:38
T.H.E. M.O.N.E.Y. S.T.O.R.EJemboy Sheldon202:49
No Love SatisficationJemboy Sheldon304:01
Watch Me Upload TrashJemboy Sheldon402:56
When Houdini's GoneJemboy Sheldon502:58
Fuck ThatJemboy Sheldon602:11
Eh! Try Love AgainJemboy Sheldon702:18
Noid EncoreJemboy Sheldon803:09
Bass Rattle Chu Out The SkyJemboy Sheldon901:46
1,2, Push Your SwingJemboy Sheldon1001:34
My Name Is StefanJemboy Sheldon1105:01
L.O.T.G. RewardsJemboy Sheldon1303:35
Bird CrossingJemboy Sheldon1402:20
Frisky Girl In The UnderworldJemboy Sheldon1503:57
I Want Mii, I Need MiiJemboy Sheldon1603:41
Warp A Mad FoolJemboy Sheldon1704:08
Twon Bons (this was the point where I had no more ideas so i gave up, just skip this track)Jemboy Sheldon1802:33
Coloss808 Like ThatJemboy Sheldon1902:46
Suicide BellJemboy Sheldon2002:23
Sing For The CultureJemboy Sheldon2103:12
The Emancipation Of MC RideJemboy Sheldon2202:26
Bouncin OutJemboy Sheldon2303:06
Lock Your AssesJemboy Sheldon2403:19
Bottomless HeartsJemboy Sheldon2502:25
The Legend of Zelda - Beware of the WildJemboy Sheldon2605:56

The Musenight - Pt. I (Noctµrnal) (EP)
SHADOW:DASHSadboy Sheldon106:05
Crystal Halation, All The TimeSadboy Sheldon205:28
River of LovelessnessSadboy Sheldon306:05
I Love You For Light YearsSadboy Sheldon404:39

A†ROCI†Y EXHIBI†ION (Danny Brown X Justice) (EP)
A†ROCI†Y EXHIBI†IONSadboy Sheldon115:52
Three Atrocities in a Good ExhibitionSadboy Sheldon202:20

Deathvillainy (Death Grips X Madvillain)
The Noidest VilliansSadboy Sheldon101:08
Beware The AccordianSadboy Sheldon202:14
Meat GuilotineSadboy Sheldon302:12
RaidsSadboy Sheldon402:38
America's Most NoidedSadboy Sheldon503:57
WhambowsSadboy Sheldon602:53
The CurlsSadboy Sheldon701:41
Money FuckerSadboy Sheldon801:47
Lord Of The WaySadboy Sheldon901:22
Culture ClownSadboy Sheldon1002:57
TAKYONSadboy Sheldon1102:12
Mighty Morphin Sleeves (Bonus Track)Sadboy Sheldon1201:44

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