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Wii Channel Soundtracks (Yaksha's gamerip) [FLAC]

looks like this one got taken down from MEGA

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Wii Channel Soundtracks (Yaksha's gamerip) [FLAC]


Post by ninturez0 »

Wii Channel Soundtracks (Yaksha's gamerip)

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Wii MenuKazumi Totaka1200601:21
No Disc Inserted BannerKazumi Totaka2200600:07
Wii System v1.0 Channel BannerKazumi Totaka3200600:07
Mii Channel BannerKazumi Totaka4200600:09
Mii Channel MedleyKazumi Totaka5200601:59
Internet Channel: Trial Version BannerKazumi Totaka6200600:08
Internet Channel BannerKazumi Totaka7200600:16
Wii Shop Channel BannerKazumi Totaka8200600:29
Wii Shop ChannelKazumi Totaka9200602:04
Virtual Console BannerKazumi Totaka10200600:07
SD Card Software BannerKazumi Totaka11200600:06
GameCube Disc BannerTōru Minegishi12200600:08
Wii + Internet Channel BannerKazumi Totaka13200800:11
Wii Fit Channel BannerTōru Minegishi, Manaka Tominaga, Shiho Fujii14200700:07
Wii Fit Body Check Channel BannerTōru Minegishi, Manaka Tominaga, Shiho Fujii15200800:07
Mario Kart Channel BannerUnknown Artist16200800:11
Skyward Sword Save Data Update Channel BannerKazumi Totaka17201100:07
Wii U Transfer Tool Channel BannerKazumi Totaka18201200:07
Transfer Tool MenusKazumi Totaka19201202:09
TransferringKazumi Totaka20201204:04
Transfer CompletedKazumi Totaka21201200:12
Title Theme ~ Mario Kart 64Kenta Nagata22200601:01
Wii Menu (No Startup)Kazumi Totaka23200601:21
Wii Menu StartupKazumi Totaka24200600:06
Mii Channel (Normal)Kazumi Totaka25200601:59
Mii Channel (Parade)Kazumi Totaka26200601:59

Photo Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200600:07
Main MenuKazumi Totaka2200600:42
SD Card GalleryKazumi Totaka3200602:34
Post to the Wii Message BoardKazumi Totaka4200600:36
Wii Message Board GalleryKazumi Totaka5200602:17
Six Piece Puzzle (1st Time)Kazumi Totaka6200600:50
Six Piece Puzzle (1st Time) CompletedKazumi Totaka7200600:05
Puzzle Selection & CompletedKazumi Totaka8200602:12
PuzzleKazumi Totaka9200602:39
Puzzle CompletedKazumi Totaka10200600:06
DoodleKazumi Totaka11200604:01
BeautifulKazumi Totaka12200603:23
BrightKazumi Totaka13200603:25
CalmKazumi Totaka14200605:42
FunKazumi Totaka15200603:17
NostalgicKazumi Totaka16200602:59
ScenicKazumi Totaka17200605:51

Forecast Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200600:08
Connecting...Kazumi Totaka2200600:33
SettingsKazumi Totaka3200601:40
Local Forecast (Daytime)Kazumi Totaka4200602:24
Local Forecast (Nighttime)Kazumi Totaka5200603:09
Regional Forecast (Daytime)Kazumi Totaka6200602:51
Regional Forecast (Nighttime)Kazumi Totaka7200605:29
Global Forecast (Daytime)Kazumi Totaka8200602:51
Global Forecast (Nighttime)Kazumi Totaka9200605:29
Global Forecast (Daytime │ Layer Only)Kazumi Totaka10200602:51
Global Forecast (Nighttime │ Layer Only)Kazumi Totaka11200605:29

News Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200600:07
Downloading the Latest NewsKazumi Totaka2200602:03
News ArticlesKazumi Totaka3200603:47
Slideshow (Daytime)Kazumi Totaka4200603:50
Sildeshow (Nighttime)Kazumi Totaka5200603:31
Global News ViewKazumi Totaka6200604:03
Globe (Layer Only)Kazumi Totaka7200602:09
Reading Article Layer (Unused)Kazumi Totaka8200602:30

Everybody Votes Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200700:08
Main MenuKazumi Totaka2200702:18
Voter DataKazumi Totaka3200702:36
Suggest a QuestionKazumi Totaka4200703:02
Answer Question & Predict Poll MedleyKazumi Totaka5200702:31
The Results are In!Kazumi Totaka6200701:02
They Have the Most Votes!Kazumi Totaka7200700:08
Vote Results MedleyKazumi Totaka8200702:38
It's a Tie!Kazumi Totaka9200700:08
Answering the QuestionKazumi Totaka10200701:45
Answering National QuestionKazumi Totaka11200701:45
National Vote ResultsKazumi Totaka11200702:38
Predict the PollKazumi Totaka12200701:45
Vote ResultsKazumi Totaka13200702:38

Check Mii Out Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200700:25
Main MenuKazumi Totaka2200701:08
Contest MenuKazumi Totaka3200701:38
Mii PlazaKazumi Totaka4200701:59
Submission Plaza MedleyKazumi Totaka5200703:01
Your Submitted MiiKazumi Totaka6200700:06
Climbing the MountainKazumi Totaka7200700:28
Submitted Mii ResultsKazumi Totaka8200700:26
Contest Winner ParadeKazumi Totaka9200701:31
Submission Plaza (Normal)Kazumi Totaka10200703:01
Submission Plaza (Parade)Kazumi Totaka11200703:01

Nintendo Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200700:21
First InitializationKazumi Totaka2200700:44
IntroductionKazumi Totaka3200700:07
Main MenuKazumi Totaka4200703:26
Search MedleyKazumi Totaka5200701:53
DS Download ServiceKazumi Totaka6200700:55
Sub MenusKazumi Totaka7200703:26
Recommend TitlesKazumi Totaka8200700:52
Recommendation SentKazumi Totaka9200700:05
Insufficient Recommendation ResultsKazumi Totaka10200700:43
Search TitlesKazumi Totaka11200701:04
Search VideosKazumi Totaka12200701:04
DS Download Game DescriptionKazumi Totaka13200701:04
Game-Play RecordsKazumi Totaka14200701:04
Main Menu (All Channels)Kazumi Totaka15200703:26
Search (All Channels)Kazumi Totaka16200701:04

Digicam Print Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200800:11
Digicam Print ChannelKazumi Totaka2200804:34
Transmitting InformationKazumi Totaka3200803:27
Digicam Print Channel (All Channels)Kazumi Totaka4200804:34

Today & Tomorrow Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200800:07
Today & Tomorrow ChannelKazumi Totaka2200802:01
Beginning the Luck TestKazumi Totaka3200800:07
The Luckiest PersonKazumi Totaka4200800:09
Average Luck Today / TomorrowKazumi Totaka5200800:06
High Luck Today / TomorrowKazumi Totaka6200800:06
Choosing the Lucky HintsKazumi Totaka7200800:28
Lucky Hints ResultsKazumi Totaka8200802:01
Unknown 1Kazumi Totaka9200800:06
Unknown 2Kazumi Totaka10200800:07
Unknown 3Kazumi Totaka11200800:06
Unknown 4Kazumi Totaka12200800:06
Lucky Hints Results (Layer)Kazumi Totaka13200802:01

TV Friend Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200800:10
TV Channel MenuKazumi Totaka2200802:04
TV Channel ListKazumi Totaka3200800:57

Wii Speak Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200800:31
Initial SetupKazumi Totaka2200801:34
Performance CheckKazumi Totaka3200800:16
LobbyKazumi Totaka4200801:44
Create MessageKazumi Totaka5200801:45
Show PhotosKazumi Totaka6200801:44
SettingsKazumi Totaka7200800:44
Voice ChangerKazumi Totaka8200800:26
ClockKazumi Totaka9200800:16

Wii Room Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200900:09
SettingsKazumi Totaka2200901:59
Main ThemeKazumi Totaka3200904:43
Company Mii MarchKazumi Totaka4200901:34
Company Logo AKazumi Totaka5200900:10
Company AKazumi Totaka6200902:15
Company Material AKazumi Totaka7200902:31
Company Material BKazumi Totaka8200902:57
Greeting MessageKazumi Totaka9200900:08
Calm MessageKazumi Totaka10200900:08
ConciergeKazumi Totaka11200902:25
MealsKazumi Totaka12200902:26
TelevisionKazumi Totaka13200903:05
Company Logo BKazumi Totaka14200900:10
Company BKazumi Totaka15200902:04
Company Material CKazumi Totaka16200902:18
Company Material DKazumi Totaka17200901:59
Congratulatory MessageKazumi Totaka18200900:08
Excitement MessageKazumi Totaka19200900:08
MidnightKazumi Totaka20200904:31
CalendarKazumi Totaka21200902:11
Company Logo CKazumi Totaka22200900:09
Company CKazumi Totaka23200902:04
Company Material EKazumi Totaka24200901:40
Sad MessageKazumi Totaka25200900:08
Apologetic MessageKazumi Totaka26200900:08
Seasonal WordsKazumi Totaka27200902:17
BirthdayKazumi Totaka28200900:38
DSi Transfer DeliveryKazumi Totaka29200901:21
ResetKazumi Totaka30200900:08
Wii Room Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200900:09
Starting UpKazumi Totaka2200900:55
SettingsKazumi Totaka3200901:59
Main ThemeKazumi Totaka4200907:59
Company Mii MarchKazumi Totaka5200901:34
Company Logo AKazumi Totaka6200900:10
Company AKazumi Totaka7200901:41
Company Material AKazumi Totaka8200902:31
Company Material BKazumi Totaka9200902:57
VotingKazumi Totaka10200901:06
Greeting MessageKazumi Totaka11200900:08
ConciergeKazumi Totaka12200902:27
Company Logo BKazumi Totaka13200900:10
Company BKazumi Totaka14200902:04
Company Material CKazumi Totaka15200902:18
Company Material DKazumi Totaka16200901:21
Calm MessageKazumi Totaka17200900:08
MealsKazumi Totaka18200902:26
Company Logo CKazumi Totaka19200900:09
Company CKazumi Totaka20200902:07
Company Material EKazumi Totaka21200901:40
Company Material FKazumi Totaka22200902:32
Contratulatory MessageKazumi Totaka23200900:08
TelevisionKazumi Totaka24200901:38
Company Logo DKazumi Totaka25200900:09
Company DKazumi Totaka26200902:51
Company Material GKazumi Totaka27200901:24
Company Material HKazumi Totaka28200902:02
Excitement MessageKazumi Totaka29200900:08
MidnightKazumi Totaka30200904:32
CalendarKazumi Totaka31200902:11
Company Logo EKazumi Totaka32200900:10
Company EKazumi Totaka33200901:04
Company Material IKazumi Totaka34200902:03
Company Material JKazumi Totaka35200902:17
Sad MessageKazumi Totaka36200900:08
Theater RoomKazumi Totaka37200902:15
Company Logo FKazumi Totaka38200900:10
Company FKazumi Totaka39200903:29
Company Material KKazumi Totaka40200903:05
Company Material LKazumi Totaka41200901:29
Apologetic MessageKazumi Totaka42200900:08
ShoppingKazumi Totaka43200902:29
Company Logo GKazumi Totaka44200900:09
Company GKazumi Totaka45200901:42
Company Material MKazumi Totaka46200902:14
Company Material NKazumi Totaka47200901:36
BirthdayKazumi Totaka48200900:36
Company Logo HKazumi Totaka49200900:13
Company HKazumi Totaka50200901:45
Company Material OKazumi Totaka51200901:45
Seasonal WordsKazumi Totaka52200902:17
DSi Transfer DeliveryKazumi Totaka53200901:08
DSi Delivery FinishedKazumi Totaka54200900:06
Begin Playing Wii Shooting GameKazumi Totaka55200900:05
ResetKazumi Totaka56200900:09
Main Theme (Shorter Edit)Kazumi Totaka57200904:06
Wii Room Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1201000:09
SettingsKazumi Totaka2201002:00
IntroductionKazumi Totaka3201003:07
Main Theme 1Kazumi Totaka4201005:23
Choosing a ConciergeKazumi Totaka5201001:10
ConciergeKazumi Totaka6201001:43
Company Mii MarchKazumi Totaka7201001:34
Company Logo AKazumi Totaka8201000:10
Company AKazumi Totaka9201001:41
Company Material AKazumi Totaka10201002:30
Company Material BKazumi Totaka11201002:57
VotingKazumi Totaka12201000:39
Greeting MessageKazumi Totaka13201000:08
Shop LoadingKazumi Totaka14201000:33
ShoppingKazumi Totaka15201002:21
Shop CheckoutKazumi Totaka16201002:29
Finished ShoppingKazumi Totaka17201000:49
Company Logo BKazumi Totaka18201000:10
Company BKazumi Totaka19201002:04
Company Material CKazumi Totaka20201002:11
Company Material DKazumi Totaka21201002:12
Calm MessageKazumi Totaka22201000:08
Television & ShoppingKazumi Totaka23201001:38
Shop Misc AKazumi Totaka24201001:38
Company Logo CKazumi Totaka25201000:09
Company CKazumi Totaka26201002:07
Company Material EKazumi Totaka27201001:46
Company Material FKazumi Totaka28201001:22
Congratulatory MessageKazumi Totaka29201000:08
Main Theme 2Kazumi Totaka30201004:09
Shop Misc BKazumi Totaka31201002:06
Company Logo DKazumi Totaka32201000:09
Company DKazumi Totaka33201002:51
Company Material GKazumi Totaka34201001:40
Company Material HKazumi Totaka35201002:10
Excitement MessageKazumi Totaka36201000:09
MealsKazumi Totaka37201002:26
Company Logo EKazumi Totaka38201000:10
Company EKazumi Totaka39201001:02
Company Material IKazumi Totaka40201001:07
Company Material JKazumi Totaka41201002:32
Sad MessageKazumi Totaka42201000:08
Theater RoomKazumi Totaka43201002:15
Shop Misc CKazumi Totaka44201001:58
Company Logo FKazumi Totaka45201000:10
Company FKazumi Totaka46201003:29
Company Material KKazumi Totaka47201001:24
Apologetic MessageKazumi Totaka48201000:07
Shop Misc DKazumi Totaka49201003:42
Company Logo GKazumi Totaka50201000:09
Company GKazumi Totaka51201001:39
Company Material LKazumi Totaka52201002:18
Shop Misc EKazumi Totaka53201003:09
Company Logo HKazumi Totaka54201000:14
Company HKazumi Totaka55201001:45
Company Material MKazumi Totaka56201001:29
BirthdayKazumi Totaka57201000:38
DSi Transfer DeliveryKazumi Totaka58201001:07
DSi Delivery FinishedKazumi Totaka59201000:06
Greeting Message EVKazumi Totaka60201000:08
Calm Message EVKazumi Totaka61201000:08
Congratulatory Message EVKazumi Totaka62201000:08
Excitement Message EVKazumi Totaka63201000:09
Sad Message EVKazumi Totaka64201000:08
Apologetic Message EVKazumi Totaka65201000:07
ResetKazumi Totaka66201000:09

Food Delivery Channel BannerKazumi Totaka1200900:08
LoadingKazumi Totaka2200901:18
Main ThemeKazumi Totaka3200903:32
Ordering PizzaKazumi Totaka4200902:10
Ordering Bento BoxKazumi Totaka5200902:22
Ordering SushiKazumi Totaka6200902:22
Ordering Japanese FoodKazumi Totaka7200902:14
Ordering Chinese FoodKazumi Totaka8200902:09
Ordering Western FoodKazumi Totaka9200901:56
Ordering Fast FoodKazumi Totaka10200902:24
Ordering CurryKazumi Totaka11200902:22
Ordering Party FoodKazumi Totaka12200902:44
Ordering SweetsKazumi Totaka13200902:26
Ordering Other FoodKazumi Totaka14200902:18
Ordering All FoodKazumi Totaka15200902:14
ConfirmationKazumi Totaka16200903:30

Kirby TV Channel BannerUnknown Artist1201100:07
Kirby TV Channel ThemeNorman J. Grossfield, Ralph Shuckett2201100:49
Main MenuUnknown Artist3201101:26
TimetableUnknown Artist4201101:51
GiftHirokazu Andō5201100:54

Jam with the Band Live Channel BannerNintendo Sound Team1200800:07
Setting up the BandNintendo Sound Team2200800:57
ResultsNintendo Sound Team3200801:22
Everybody's Theater Channel BannerUnknown Artist4200900:17
Everybody's TheaterUnknown Artist5200903:51
BBC iPlayer Channel BannerUnknown Artist6200800:42
Netflix Channel BannerUnknown Artist7201000:10
Hulu Plus Channel BannerUnknown Artist8201200:09
YouTube Channel BannerUnknown Artist9201200:07
LOVEFiLM Instant Channel BannerUnknown Artist10200800:39
Homebrew Channel Bannerdrmr11200800:30

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Re: Wii Channel Soundtracks (Yaksha's gamerip) [FLAC]


Post by clue »

can you put these all in one zip so i don't have to pull each track individually? thank you friend much love
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Re: Wii Channel Soundtracks (Yaksha's gamerip) [FLAC]


Post by castor_andrade »

clue wrote: October 5th, 2021, 6:35 pm can you put these all in one zip so i don't have to pull each track individually? thank you friend much love
its just easier to use wget or any downloader of sorts.
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