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please proceed to comfy box 2.0



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>just make your own website lol

please report all site bugs/problems to [email protected]

might move the site to xenforo hehe


here you can talk about the site and about how it is shit
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might move the site to xenforo hehe


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ataraxia / ˌæt əˈræk si ə /
1. a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity.

so here's the test site for xenforo, because xenforo is a whole lot better than whatever the fuck we got going on here right now
do not fret, the old-school crispy web design is not going anywhere. comfy box will remain comfy as usual
if you wanna make the fucking best website ever in the world come join me!!!!!!!

to-do list:

- make thread descriptions a thing
- port all the fucking bbcodes and smilies and shit (very easy, actually)
- port the stupid thing that lets me play audio files in the chat
- make good themes

- fucking everything
why won't you do what must be done?

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